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Project   Jupiter Beer

Course Title   Package Design 3

Instructor   Thomas McNulty


Create a new premium brand and packaging system for a beer of your choice. Packaging should include front and back label designs, neck label, and a carrying case. 6 premium bottles, 1 premium can, 1 light bottle and 1 carrying case. Shipping case is an optional element.


Jupiter Beer, a brewery located in Berkeley currently does not distribute. I found this to be a great opportunity to brand a local brewery. Taking inspiration from the name, I paired a Roman god for each variety of beer. The illustration style as well as drinking game I created on the packaging will appeal to the college demographic of Berkeley and entice customers to buy this product in a highly competitive market. I also created cans and a shipping case as I believe these sell better than glass bottles to the college demographic.

© 2019 by Megan Myers

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