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Project   Ambrosia Chocolate

Course Title   Package Design 1

Instructor   Chamindri Wijemanne


Rebrand or create a new chocolate company's packaging. This will include three different flavors of chocolate, one display case of one flavor of chocolate, and one special edition gift box which will include at least one bar of specialty chocolate.


Ambrosia chocolate is a made-up company I created for the sole purpose of this project. By choosing a non-existent company I was able to create an entirely new logo. The concept originally behind the packaging was chocolate you want to give to your loved ones. I laser cut logos to create confetti which is trapped inside a window on the chocolate bar packaging. This creates a desire for consumers to immediately want to pick up the package. I also designed a gift box out of a book for the ultimate luxury with a special edition dark chocolate bar.

© 2019 by Megan Myers

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